Another bottom ten ranking for Michigan

Education Week has just released its 2015 Quality Counts state report card. Overall Michigan ranks 32nd with a grade of C-. On K-12 education attainment Michigan ranks 42nd with a grade of D. Massachusetts is ranked first overall and in K-12 education. (For more on the differences between Michigan and Massachusetts see my previous post “Needed: New state education policy”.) Minnesota is the top ranked state on both metrics in the Great  Lakes. Michigan is the Great Lakes states worst in both categories.

The only states ranked lower than Michigan on k-12 attainment: Alabama, Alaska, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, South Carolina,South Dakota, West Virginia.

The EdWeeek rankings are consistent with other state ranking on education attainment. (See this previous post.)

Low education achievement is a recipe for being one of the nation’s poorest states. In an increasingly knowledge-based economy, education attainment is the main driver of economic well being for individuals, communities and states. Michigan has already fallen to the bottom fifteen in per capita income after being in the top twenty for most of the 20th Century. Its almost certain we will not be a prosperous state again without being a high education achievement state.

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