Welcoming: another big picture theme

When I read my post laying out the themes that we believe matter most to recreating a Michigan with a broad middle class I realized I left out an important ingredient to economic success: A core characteristic of successful places in a flattening world is they are welcoming to all. The places with the greatest concentration of talent from anyplace on the planet win! Talent is both diverse and mobile. If a place is not welcoming, it cannot concentrate talent.

In summary the seven themes (in no particular order) we think are the building blocks to a prosperous Michigan are:

  • Globalization and technology are mega forces––more powerful by far than politics or policy––that are constantly reshaping the economy
  • The places with the greatest concentration of talent win
  • Welcoming to all is a core characteristic of the most prosperous places
  • Quality education matters most
  • Strategic public investments are the policy priority
  • Factory-based economies no longer support a broad middle class
  • Low business cost states and regions don’t win
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