Lots of press coverage

All of a sudden there has been a lot of press coverage of our work:

I did an interview with Cynthia Canty for Michigan Radio’s Stateside.  For those of you who have 13 minutes it is a real good overview of our analysis of the economy and what Michigan needs to do to once again become a place with a broad middle class.

The Detroit Free Press published an interview I did with their  terrific columnist Brian Dickerson. It explores the issues I raised with my right and wrong top 10 states post: that states ranked highly in business cost rankings don’t necessary have strong economies, those with high education attainment do., as part of a terrific series, did an article on the strategic importance of internships in retaining and attracting young talent, featuring our work.

Tom Walsh in a Free Press column references our work as part of an overview of where  the Michigan economy is headed.

Tim Daman, the CEO of the Lansing Regional Chamber of Commerce, references our work in a Lansing State Journal op ed on the importance of talent for metro Lansing’s economy.

I also wrote two op eds that were published:

Crain’s Detroit Business published an op ed I co-wrote with University of Michigan Regent Mark Bernstein entitled “State needs to grow educated middle class”.

And  MLive  published an op ed entitled “Shooting for top 10 in ‘business cost’ rankings is wrong goal for Michigan”.

For those interested in more details about our work I recommend two reports we did in the mid 00s. The ideas laid out in this week’s press coverage have been long standing for us. We have held them no matter who has been in power in either Lansing or Washington. That the path to prosperity is in Michigan making the transition from a factory-based to a knowledge-based economy.

In 2004 Don Grimes and I did a report that laid out the evidence that state’s with knowledge-based economies were more prosperous than those with factory-based economies. Its even truer today.

In 2006 we published our vision and strategy for a prosperous Michigan in a report entitled A New Agenda for a New Michigan.

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