Indiana by the numbers

Theme: Low business costs states don't win Now that state policy makers have stated that Indiana is the model for what they want Michigan's economy to be like we need to learn what is in store for Michiganders if that…

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Competing like the Tigers

Theme: The places with the greatest concentration of talent win Among all the disappointing actions taken by Michigan policy makers the past two years––particularly in December––the most disturbing is explicitly positioning Michigan to compete with Indiana. As we and many others…

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Reading recommendations

Lots to recommend on the economy and education. The two areas we work on. On the future of manufacturing, two terrific Atlantic articles. The bottom line from both is that manufacturing is going to continue to be an important part…

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Job growth by education attainment

There seems to be an ever louder chorus of politicians and the press questioning the value of a four year degree. The basic case is that the supply of college graduates exceeds the demand for college graduates. The American economy…

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Big picture themes

As we start the new year I thought it would be helpful to take a step back from the specifics I normally write about to delineate the themes that these posts are about. For the past several years––no matter who…

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What about cost of living?

Every time I write or talk about how states or regions rank the question I get most often is "what about the cost of living?".  Aren't most of the high prosperity states and big metros in the country – where…

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