Detroit Ain’t Dead

Conventional wisdom here and across the planet is that Detroit is hopeless. Not salvageable. Think again! Take a look at this video from the folks at Palladium Boots. The first part is a must see, if you have the time watch all three parts. It will change how you think of the city.

After you watch the video go take a tour from the folks at Inside Detroit. You will experience a Detroit you don’t know exists. It will let you see Detroit as young professionals see it.  A city of assets and opportunities, not decline.

Behind the global headlines of Detroit’s destruction – which is real – there is the story – still small but also true – of the rebirth of Detroit. Largely driven by young folks there is a new Detroit being created  that may well be the key not just to the future of the city, but the region and state. As we have written endlessly, the evidence from across the country is that the most prosperous places are big metropolitan areas anchored by vibrant central cities.

As I wrote in a previous post the priority for the city should be to grow, not shrink. To build on the assets it has and the energy of those who want to rebuild Detroit as a great city.  And the region and state need to help that growth. We all have a stake in helping the city succeed.

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