Troubling ACT News

The folks who run the ACT college entrance exam have just released a troubling report on how well prepared America's high school students are for college. Their estimate is that twenty three percent of the high school students who took…

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Culture Trumps Policy

Reading and writing about the future of California has me thinking about what really matters to their likely continuing role as an economic powerhouse. What is it that positions them far better to succeed in a flattening world than Indiana…

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California vs Indiana

In my last post we explored how is it that Time magazine could do a cover story on California's bright future economic prospects despite a dysfunctional state government and business unfriendly policies. The stuff that conventional wisdom believes is vital…

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California Ascendant?

Time Magazine recently published a thought provoking cover story on California. Its worth reading, thinking about and debating. Because if its right – as I believe it is – most everything we think drives state economic growth is wrong. The…

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dbusiness Article Update

The folks at dbusiness gave me a great opportunity to do a long essay on our prescription for improving the Michigan economy. You can read it here. The article went to print before the new 2008 state data came out on both per capita income and college education attainment.

So here are the latest data. The first table is the top ten states in per capita income. The story is the same as in the article: two paths to prosperity. High energy prices for Wyoming and Alaska. And strong knowledge-based employment and earnings, driven by high college attainment for the other eight.

Comparison of Michigan to National Average and Top Ten States

The second table is for the states that lots of folks argue Michigan should be like. Same story in 08 as 07. Michigan would be better off if it were more like Minnesota than Alabama, North Carolina or Indiana.

Michigan Versus Select States

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