A Call To Reform Capitalism From A Capitalist

A call to reform capitalism from a capitalist

Ray Dalio's call to reform capitalism is high recommended. Dalio is the founder, co-Chief Investment Officer and co-Chairman of Bridgewater Associates, the world's largest hedge fund. In his essay entitled Why and how capitalism needs to be reformed, Dalio writes: Over these many years I have also seen capitalism evolve in a way that it is not working well for…

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The Community College Completion Challenge

The community college completion challenge

The recently released MDRC evaluation of the Detroit Promise underscores the community college completion challenge. Despite adding financial incentives and intensive supports to free tuition, only 29 (five percent) of 390 students who started in the program earned at least 48 credits by the end of their second year. Which was better than the three percent (6 out of 199)…

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The Difficulty Of Getting To 60 Percent With Post-secondary Credentials

The difficulty of getting to 60 percent with post-secondary credentials

Governor Whitmer with lots of bi-partisan and business community support has established the goal of 60 percent of Michigan adults having a post- secondary credential by 2030. The Lumina Foundation––which has been at the center of the national effort to get to 60 percent––calculates that in 2017 45 percent of 25-64 year old Michiganders had a high-quality certificate, Associates Degree…

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Michigan Democrats Willing To Pay For Public Investments

Michigan Democrats willing to pay for public investments

We have been critical of Michigan policymakers, including Michigan Democrats, for supporting public investments but not being willing to propose raising taxes to pay for them. (See my post entitled Kansas Rs raise taxes, Michigan Ds MIA.)  No more! Governor Whitmer's budget includes a big increase in the gas tax and a partial rollback of Governor Snyder's huge business tax…

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Extracurriculars As Schooling

Extracurriculars as schooling

Imagine extracurriculars being school. That is the theme of a fascinating and important New York Times column by Jal Mehta and Sarah Fine entitled High School Doesn’t Have to Be Boring. (Mehta is an associate professor at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Fine runs a teacher preparation program at the High Tech High Graduate School of Education. They are…

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