Cosmetology Schools And Crushing Student Loans

Cosmetology schools and crushing student loans

I'm sure some of you are asking yourself "what does cosmetology schools have to do with crushing student loans?". The preeminent story––which we are told over and over again by the media and way too many of our business and political leaders––about student loans is that it is students who get four-year degrees in non STEM fields who are being…

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Warren Evans On Attacking Poverty

Warren Evans on attacking poverty

Wayne County Executive Warren Evans' column for The PuLSE Institute entitled Michigan needs long-term poverty policy is worth reading. Both in its call for making attacking poverty a priority and for taking on the conventional wisdom about the causes of poverty. Evans writes: Misconceptions about poverty and the poor continue to nurture flawed policies. The prevalent myth is that jobs…

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A Strong Economy Not Benefiting Far Too Many Michigan Households

A strong economy not benefiting far too many Michigan households

Despite warning signs at the end of the year, 2018 was a very good year for the Michigan and the nation’s economy. But the strong economy––characterized by low unemployment and strong growth––was accompanied by 40 percent of Michigan households not able to pay for basic necessities. A majority of whom have a working adult. This is the new American reality.…

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Transportation Is The Most Important Placemaking Public Investment

Transportation is the most important placemaking public investment

We finish our new report, “A path to good-paying careers for all Michiganders: Creating places across Michigan where people want to live and work,” and this blog series, with a deep dive into transportation. Transportation is at the epicenter of most of the themes of this report. It is Exhibit A––along with Flint water––of the state allowing its 20th Century…

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Michigan Needs To Invest In World-class 21st Century Infrastructure

Michigan needs to invest in world-class 21st century infrastructure

As the tragedy of Flint reminded us all, up to date infrastructure is an essential ingredient to livable communities. Transportation, water, energy and digital communications systems need to be world class for Michigan communities to compete for talent. Our new report, "Creating places across Michigan where people want to live and work" goes into detail about how we can stop…

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