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Macomb Leverages Water And Parks To Draw Talent

Macomb leverages water and parks to draw talent

Close your eyes and think of Macomb County, Michigan. What comes to mind? Perhaps you think of vast stretches of industrial shops and auto plants, bedroom communities or even influential swing voters. But now county leaders are banking on a new vision of Macomb County: bucolic bike paths and scenic water ways. At Advancing Macomb’s recent annual meeting, the group…

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Declining Blue-collar Employment 2006-2026

Declining blue-collar employment 2006-2026

The basic change in the economy we have been documenting for more than two decades is the transition from a factory-based to a knowledge-based economy. More broadly from a goods-producing to a service-providing economy. One where good-paying jobs are now concentrated in knowledge-based services. The new 2016-2026 employment projections from the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a continuation of those…

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Occupations In Michigan: The Future Won’t Look Like The Past

Occupations in Michigan: The Future Won’t Look Like the Past

Two weeks ago on this blog, Lou wrote about some new job projections for 2016-2026 from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). BLS data show that job growth between now and 2026 is going to be clustered at either end of the education spectrum: 47 percent of job growth will be in jobs requiring a high school degree or less,…

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Coding Vs Foreign Languages; Snyder Vs Cuban

Coding vs foreign languages; Snyder vs Cuban

Crain's Detroit Business recently reported that Governor Snyder is going to propose that coding earn a foreign language credit in high schools. This would be part of a major initiative to push more Michigan high school and college students into computer science occupations. In a recent interview with Bloomberg TV technology entrepreneur Mark Cuban said: The people who are writing…

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An Attempt To Measure What Matters

An attempt to measure what matters

In our statewide education agenda released earlier this year, we call for a new set of foundation skills to be the focus of our education system. Based on the work of learning scientists Kathy Hirsh-Pasek and Roberta Michnick Golinkoff in their book Becoming Brilliant, we propose that the 6 Cs – collaboration, communication, content (moving from surface-level knowledge a deep…

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