Stop Whining, Raise Wages

Stop whining, raise wages

So says Neel Kashkari, president and chief executive of the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis. Specifically Business North reports he said in a recent speech: “Almost everywhere I go, businesses tell me they can’t find workers. I always ask them the same question: 'Are you raising wages?' Usually, the answer is ‘no.’ When you want more of something but won’t pay for it,…

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Homelessness And Michigan’s Children

Homelessness and Michigan’s Children

Last week I heard a sad but important interview with Matthew Desmond, Pulitzer prize-winning author of Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City and now founder of The Eviction Lab, an effort to compile and analyze eviction data nationally. He made a compelling case that eviction is a national emergency on par with the opioid crisis and in itself,…

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The BA Wage Premium Keeps Growing

The BA wage premium keeps growing

The chart below makes clear, once again, that those with a four-year degree or more earn the highest wages. And that advantage is growing. Unabated from 1979 through 2017. This data also make clear that the demand for those with some college or an associate's degree is declining, not expanding, as conventional wisdom has it. We all learned that price (in…

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A Better Way To Help Students Pay For College

A better way to help students pay for college

Tuition-free college is having a moment. States across the country are offering tuition-free programs at their community colleges. And last year New York State began the largest tuition-free program in the country, making all two- and four-year colleges tuition-free for families earning under $125,000. While this all sounds great, it’s actually not the best policy for non-affluent students. Here’s why.…

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Getting A BA Means More Work And Higher Wages

Getting a BA means more work and higher wages

The Bureau of Labor Statistics each year publishes a chart that details the unemployment rate and median weekly earnings by education attainment for those 25 and older. The data for 2107 are below. Year after year the same story. Each time I look at the new data the question that comes to mind is “how can the data be misinterpreted?”.…

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