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From The Swimming Pool To The Classroom: More Thoughts On Confidence

From the swimming pool to the classroom: more thoughts on confidence

In my last post, I walked us through the four levels of confidence that are described by Roberta Michnick Golinkoff and Kathy Hirsh-Pasek in their book, Becoming Brilliant. They describe confidence as one of six of the most important capacities that children will need to be successful in the future economy. And I claimed that our education system isn’t wrestling…

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The Path To Good-paying Careers Without A BA Ain’t What You Think

The path to good-paying careers without a BA ain’t what you think

In 1999 Michigan Future, Inc. did research to identify the pathway young adults in metro Detroit without a four-year degree took to obtaining good-paying jobs. The research involved both focus groups and phone interviews. The core finding of that research was that the predominate path to good-paying jobs for those without a four-year degree is what we described as rock…

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The Problem With 3rd Grade Reading Mandates

The problem with 3rd grade reading mandates

Over the past few years, the question of whether 3rd graders can read, and what we should do about it, has dominated education discussions, not just in Detroit and Lansing, but across the country. 3rd grade reading laws have taken the country by storm, with state legislatures passing laws that would hold back any 3rd graders who fail to earn…

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California More Prosperous, Kansas Less Prosperous

California more prosperous, Kansas less prosperous

Over the past decade or so we have been writing a lot about California and Kansas. Because California in the 00s was considered in permanent decline and then with the election of Jerry Brown as Governor in 2010 went all in on a big tax increase and expanded public investments. Kansas because it took the opposite track with the election…

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Are America’s Colleges Solidifying Economic Castes?

Are America’s colleges solidifying economic castes?

In our first-ever policy agenda, Michigan Future Inc. argues that boosting Michigan’s four-year college degree attainment rate holds the most promise as a strategy to increase household income in our state. There is ample evidence of the correlation between a state’s college attainment and per capita income. Of the top 15 American states for per capita income, 12 are also…

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