dbusiness Article Update

The folks at dbusiness gave me a great opportunity to do a long essay on our prescription for improving the Michigan economy. You can read it here. The article went to print before the new 2008 state data came out on both per capita income and college education attainment.

So here are the latest data. The first table is the top ten states in per capita income. The story is the same as in the article: two paths to prosperity. High energy prices for Wyoming and Alaska. And strong knowledge-based employment and earnings, driven by high college attainment for the other eight.

Comparison of Michigan to National Average and Top Ten States

The second table is for the states that lots of folks argue Michigan should be like. Same story in 08 as 07. Michigan would be better off if it were more like Minnesota than Alabama, North Carolina or Indiana.

Michigan Versus Select States

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Public Investments, Part III

So if the prestigious Milliken/Blanchard panel laid out a framework for state policy makers on tax and spending policies that will help grow the Michigan economy, why have their recommendations been ignored? I think there are three main reasons: 1.…

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Public Investments, Part II

So if public investments are the key to better position Michigan to prosper in a knowledge-based economy what should policy makers do? The framework for action was spelled out by the Milliken/Blanchard panel in 2007. A group of bi partisan…

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A Top Ten That Matters

Seems like every week there is another top ten list that folks claim Michigan should be on. Many are tax rankings. Some measure how "business friendly" states or regions are. Only problem with these lists is being on the top…

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Books To Read III

When it comes to what we call preparing talent – teaching and learning – the books that best help me understand the big picture are: Disrupting Class by Clayton Christensen, Michael Horn and Curtis Johnson. For those interested in how…

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The Limits of State Policy

Hal Wolman, formerly of Wayne State, now at George Washington, was in town this week. He is working on a national project to try to figure out what characterizes resilient regions – those that recover from big economic shocks. I…

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Books to Read II

More book recommendations. As you know we have concluded that retaining and attracting talent – particularly young college graduates – is one of the keys to growing the Michigan economy. Two books cover the topic best: Who's Your City by…

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