Two Important Books II

Two important books II

In my last post I recommended The Second Machine Age for anyone interested in learning what the economy and jobs of the future are likely to look like. The second book I want to recommend is about education. As followers…

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An Important Book

An important book

The focus of our work at Michigan Future is how to restore Michigan to high prosperity––a place with a  broad middle class––in an economy that is being transformed by globalization and technology. What has been clear to us since we…

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More Than A Test Score

More than a test score

Another great piece from Paul Tough. This time a New York Times magazine article entitled "Who gets to graduate?" Its about what matters most to graduating from college. The answer isn't your ACT or SAT score. Tough is the author…

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A Must Read Report

A must read report

Doug Drake has authored a must read report on the role lower taxes has played in shaping the Michigan economy over the last two decades. It's entitled: Michigan’s Tax Policies: Wrong Turns on the Path to Prosperity. You can download the…

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Michigan And Minnesota Taxes

Michigan and Minnesota taxes

We are working on our next report. A case study of  Minnesota's economic growth policies. With an emphasis on tax and spending policy. These, of course, are the policy levers widely considered to influence state economic outcomes the most. In doing…

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College pays updated

The Bureau of Labor Statistics each year publishes a chart that details the unemployment rate and median weekly earnings by education attainment for those 25 and older. The data for 2103 is below.      Each time I look at…

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Be like Mississippi

In a recent report from the Annie E. Casey Foundation Michigan has the third-lowest score for the overall well-being of black children, only slightly better than Mississippi and Wisconsin. Horrible! In a Bridge column W.K. Kellogg Foundation CEO La June Montgomery Tabron…

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