Innovation is the Key

A recent David Brooks column in the New York Times lays out an innovation agenda. Its worth reading. Its based on a report from President Obama's National Economic Council. At the core the strategy is based on a belief that…

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What to do with Failing Schools

Good article in the current issue of Education Next. Its called the Turnaround Fallacy. The author, Andy Smarick, argues that there really is no good evidence across the country that we know how to turn around schools that chronically produced…

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The Myth of Michigan Big Government II

Quite frankly I was surprised at the data in my last blog about the big disparity in public sector employment in Michigan this decade compared to the nation. Nationally public sector employment up around six percent, in Michigan down six…

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The Myth of Big Government Michigan

A common story about Michigan's economic woes is that we have a big and growing public sector that is discouraging/preventing private sector growth. Think again! In the new work by UM economist George Fulton and Don Grimes is a comparison…

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