Our Shared Prosperity State Policy Recommendations

Our shared prosperity state policy recommendations

As we explored in my last post Michigan structurally has too many low-paid jobs. About half of Michigan jobs pay less than $15 an hour. Add to that lots of part-time jobs and more and more contingent jobs. That leads to the Michigan Association of United Way's ALICE report results that 40 percent of Michigan households cannot pay for basic necessities.…

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Too Much Low-paid Work

Too much low-paid work

A recent Washington Post article was entitled Half the jobs in America pay less than $18 an hour. Can Trump help? The consequence of way too many lower paid jobs––as well as too many working in part-time jobs––is you get lots of working American households who cannot afford to pay the bills, save for their retirement and their kids education. This is…

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Boosting Graduation Rates: A Moral Imperative For Michigan Universities

Boosting graduation rates: A moral imperative for Michigan universities

At my freshman year college orientation 30 years ago this month, a high-ranking university official asked students to look to their left and to their right and told them that one the fellow freshmen they looked at would likely not finish college. The warning from the university official was meant to inspire students to understand that college is tough and…

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Liberal Arts Lead To Good-paying Careers

Liberal arts lead to good-paying careers

George Anders new book, You Can Do Anything: The Surprising Power of a "Useless" Liberal Arts Education, is worth reading. The book tells the story of how liberal arts majors––no matter what the conventional wisdom––are putting together successful forty-year careers. Anders mainly explores the path of well-paid, highly-successful liberal arts majors most working for technology-based companies. The book grows out…

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What Actually Predicts College Success?

What actually predicts college success?

There’s quite a bit that determines whether or not a student is successful in college. They need to have good study habits, be able to write well, be able to manage their own time, be a self-advocate. Academics have created the Four Keys to College and Career Readiness,  the 8 noncognitive variables needed for college success, and the “grit” scale.…

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