Place Attracts Talent. Talent = Economic Growth

Place attracts talent. Talent = economic growth

Then New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg got it right when he wrote in a Financial Times column: The most creative individuals want to live in places that protect personal freedoms, prize diversity and offer an abundance of cultural opportunities. A city that wants to attract creators must offer a fertile breeding ground for new ideas and innovations. … Economists…

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The Need To Transform Education From Birth Through College

The need to transform education from birth through college

As we detail in our new report, A path to good-paying careers for all Michiganders, if Michigan is going to be a place with a broad middle class, if employers are going to have the supply of skilled workers they need and if Michigan is going to be a place once again where kids regularly do better than their parents, it…

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The Best Way To Raise Household Income: Increase Education Attainment

The best way to raise household income: increase education attainment

By far the most reliable way to raise Michiganders’ household income is increased education attainment. The table below makes clear: the higher one’s education attainment the more one works and earns. The most reliable path to a good-paying career is with a bachelor’s degree or more, in both STEM and non-STEM fields. The power of education attainment in raising one’s…

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The Levers That Raise Household Income For All

The levers that raise household income for all

At the core of our agenda for raising Michiganders’ household income is the conviction that human capital is the asset that matters most to individual and state economic well-being. We agree with Governor Snyder when he wrote in his Special Message on Developing and Connecting Michigan Talent: In the 20th Century, the most valuable assets to job creators were financial…

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Transformed Work Requires Transformed Policy

Transformed work requires transformed policy

The key to having an economy with rising household incomes for all are good-paying jobs and careers. Where careers are for forty years, not a first job. The prime focus of economic policy must be helping people have a career of good-paying work. Also understanding that good-paying work today and, even more so, tomorrow looks much different than good-paying work…

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