Schools Moving Away From Standardized Tests And Online Learning

Schools moving away from standardized tests and online learning

  Summit charter schools in California and Washington state are often included on the list of charter networks that are getting big urban student achievement gains. A common characteristic of these networks is their commitment that their students will graduate from college. Another increasingly common characteristic is because they are committed to college success––not just enrollment––they are moving away from…

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Education For A Forty-year Career

Education for a forty-year career

The centerpiece of our education policy agenda is that our education system should prepare students not for a first job, but for a forty-year career. The dominant narrative today seems to be the opposite – that we need to tie education far more with immediate workforce needs, preparing more young people for occupations like welders and coders. A few weeks…

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Low Unemployment Doesn’t Mean A Prosperous Michigan

Low unemployment doesn’t mean a prosperous Michigan

  The most important recommendation in our new state policy agenda is that we change the mission of state economic policy to a rising household income for all. A Michigan with a broad middle class where wages and benefits allows one to pay the bills, save for retirement and the kids’ education and pass on a better opportunity to the…

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Incentivizing Detroit Homeownership For Teachers Could Boost Student, Community Outcomes

Incentivizing Detroit homeownership for teachers could boost student, community outcomes

Recently, Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan announced a new program that offers homes in the city's 30,000-property land bank to employees of Detroit schools - both traditional and charter - at a 50 percent discount. The idea is to attract educators back to the city and its schools and help solve Detroit's teacher shortage. As recently as April, Detroit Public Schools…

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Student Loans And Home Ownership

Student loans and home ownership

The story that taking out student loans is a path to pauperdom rather than prosperity dominates the public conversation. One problem: its wrong. As we have covered repeatedly (see here and here) getting a four-year degree, even with student loans, is the best investment one can make. One part of the story about the negative effects of student loans is…

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